Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bingoho Source code (Experimental)

Download  Bingoho source code from here

This application is just a experimental.. Coordinate system synchronization is not 100% accurate.

Usage of BingMaps in current application  is just a geoImaginary and geocoding services.. Didn't try with tile server implementation.

Works on any application with simple gui,config.xml configuration.

If application is behind firewall, c# code has to be recompiled with proxyObject class which is provided with source code.

If any one fixed the issues within this source code please share to me. :)

Interested to see if any one fixes the coordinate system synchronization

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magik Ganesh

I wish you all a Happy Ganesh chaturdhi

1. Start outlook if you have on the machine
2. Download magik file form here. say on emacs.

program doesn't contain any virous. just access the name from out look. Select "Allow" button in security shown in outlook.

Happy Vinakaya Chavathi .. [Name in Outlook ]. This app is similar to few flash application available