Friday, January 1, 2010

Smallworld Clouds

Clouds??... What is it..?? Clouds refer to Cloud Computing.

If you are very new to cloud computing then, this is the correct place to know cloud computing

I am studying about cloud computing from quite sometime back.. Last week I got a chance to attend a work shop conducted by IEEE on Clouds in Hyderabad. I am studying some terms like Saas, Paas, Iaas.

What is there in it for smallworld?? before going to find what is there in clouds.. lets see few problems In a Agile way... (Are these really problems.. ???..!!)

As a Electrical energy distributor i am more interested in maintaining and managing my electric network rather than maintaining lot of licenses and computers.

As a Gas Distributor I am more interested to find the critical customers if any gas lines fails rather than finding effecting users/engineers if any computer fails.

As a network operator i am more interested to invest more money to my network rater than buying licenses/computers

and many more

As a Smallworld developer what i can do for the above problems..??

I will provide services to the consumers on demand.(pay for what you used)

I don't want to maintain tens and hundreds of servers with lots of IMAGES in it.. so, i will use infrastructure as a service(Iaas). All the servers are located some where around the world and forget about marinating the servers and just use the images.

I am small electricity distributor, I don't need complete smallworld application.. but I need few application for few hours a week. I use Saas and get required software for few hours and pay for those hours..

These are the few attempts how we can use clouds..

There are many cloud computing applications available, few of them are google apps, Microsoft Azure, Amazon cloud front and ZOHO.

Windows for all is the perfect example for infrastructure as a sevice. you can try it. requires silver light plugin and takes some times to load.
its a Windows operating system in your browser. :)

Can we consider GSS as a step towards Cloud Computing??

All the above are just my imagination those are not related to GE Smallworld or any other company

Looking for comments.. :))


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