Thursday, February 11, 2010

_thisthread.sleep( 3Months)

Yesterday I completed my 2nd semester MS exams.. So I thought to blog a post which I want to do from few days back. ( sorry for the long wait to post )

The first one is web map connector…Its really cool I got a chance to play with it. infact I played with the whole Friday night in the office without going home. Thanks to Alfred Sawatzky and Brad Sileo for providing license.

I really like the application showing Bing maps on smallworld. But why only Bing why not Google, yahoo, open street map, Maps-For-Free, etc not integrated in to the web map connector..?? I don’t know..

I tried putting every thing in to one application and did an investigation and found interesting stuff to put these web maps as a service in to one application..

Bing maps
Google maps
Yahoo Maps

It’s a quite difficult to use Bing maps service in java environment. But using the managed c-acp code to develop in .net environment..

I will try to post the complete developed application in my next post


  1. Hi Bhimesh,

    Thanks for the post!

    From a technical point of view, Web Maps Connector can render all the data sources that you refer to. The reason only Bing was part of the evaluation copy you received was because iFactor Consulting currently has a reseller agreement with Microsoft. If a customer is interested in other formats, they should contact and request information about our additional supported formats.

    While I realize that the technical challenge is probably the most fun part of building such an application, your end customers (utility and telecom companies) are ones that strive to stay within the law. Therefore the bigger challenge is to actually put together a product that is legal.

    I see in your screenshot that you are using Google Static Maps. Looks like you are building the following URL:,india&zoom=17&size=512x512&sensor=false&maptype=satellite

    Very cool! Bing Maps Web Service API has something similar. Good luck with your app!

    Alfred Sawatzky
    iFactor Consulting

  2. To be clear, by "legal" I meant that the use of the product is within the terms and conditions required by the web map provider. Read them carefully.